LeRoy Neiman Creates Polo Pastels

Renowned Artist was the Official Artist of the
Triple Crown of Polo Series

Best known for his brilliantly colored, stunning energetic images of sporting events and leisure activities, world renowned artist, LeRoy Neiman the most popular sports contemporary artist in the United States was the Official Artist of the Triple Crown of Polo (TCP) Championship Series.

The sport and lifestyle surrounding the sport of kings was captured by Leroy Neiman with the creation of ten separate polo pastel images. The Paintings showcase the fabulous lifestyle associated with the sport of polo.

"I have always loved the sport, beauty and glamour of polo. The Triple Crown of Polo is the Tour de Force for this grand sport. I am proud as part of my legacy to be associated with the birth of a new tradition in polo", stated LeRoy Neiman.

Mr. LeRoy Neiman left us on Wednesday June 20th 2012. May his soul rest in peace

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