About Triple Crown Of Polo

Played for over 2,000 years, polo is currently enjoyed in over 84 countries and is player by more than 20,000 Americans. The sweat and dirt on the players, the shouted commands and the heaving, blowing horses tell the story of a rough and arduous game. But the glamorous lifestyles of the players and fans tell a different story.

The Triple Crown of Polo creatively blends sports with lifestyle entertainment through an innovative marketing strategy combining world-class polo competitions with fashion and glamour. From celebrities to royalty, CEO's and influential business leaders, both the polo players and spectators are among the most affluent and successful sports fans in the world. In a culture that is fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and famous, millions of fans worldwide enjoy TCP and the world's most alluring sport.

The Triple Crown of Polo events when taped for television distribution result in special programming, consisting of human interest, lifestyle, personal drama and thrilling game action all delivering a wealthy, loyal audience to sponsors of the live events.

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